Hi! I'm Maricar Lianne. 

Thanks so much for stopping by!  I'm a photographer based out in Oregon but I do travel.  My style is light, fresh, colorful, fun and candid.  I am fond of photography that showcases the beauty of the subject so expect soft, blurry backgrounds.  I love smiles but also love how the solemn look allows the soul to show through wide open eyes.

A little bit more about me?

I am an island girl that grew up in Guam. I am a daughter of bright stars, both involved in the technology field. I am the oldest of three girls.  My father was the family photographer and videographer. He captured my family's priceless moments on film. Still to this day, I still love looking back at them and remembering the laughter, tears and memories.

175937990_be1d0a0a6f_w175937990_be1d0a0a6f_w I found the love of my life in college.  We moved to Oregon to start a little family of our own.  If anyone is into numbers, we've been together 27 years and married for 23.
Through the modern miracle of in-vitro fertilization, we conceived our first child. Sadly, we lost him, Johnathan Francis, at 18 weeks gestation.  I donate my time and talent to various infant/child loss and adoption organizations in the area in memory of Johnathan. 33341845390_a426d26728_w33341845390_a426d26728_w
IMG_4270IMG_4270 Never wanting to call it quits, we tried again and again and finally gained the greatest blessings in our lives, two daughters. Malia Janelle and Jenna Lauren. We added the cutest corgi princess in the universe, Twinkie Mae, to our family in 2013. (Note: Twinkie Mae isn't chubby... she's a fluffy corgi.)

I lost my young mother at the age of 48 after a courageous two year battle with gastric cancer while pregnant with my youngest, Jenna Lauren.  I support hospice care and I donate my services to other hospice programs in memory of my mom, Lulu.


My husband Jerry is active in the Air Force reserves and has been deployed several times after 9/11.  Please let me know if you have a member of the family currently in the armed forces. I currently offer complimentary "welcome home" sessions to our servicemen and servicewomen.


In 2007, I decided to follow the steps of my father and with the urging of my late mother... found my calling in photography. I love to capture life in it's true form. I urge you, even if you can't afford my services, to continue to take photographs with whatever device you can acquire.  Capture those memories.  They're so important.

Much love,

Maricar Lianne